Royal Albatross

The Continuing Story of Royal Albatross

Once within the course of some amount of times, there came to be two lads.  Eventually one lad said to the other, “Let’s us make some sounds among us, it will be boss!” the other lad reciprocated his point of view, so they commenced with the sound making.  One of them lads began to hit things and buzzeth his lips against metal tubes. The other found wood and wires and began to pluck them whilst making mouth noises. After some passage of the aforementioned times, the lads began to wonder if not perhaps they were missing something in their glorious sound. Just then a brave third lad appeared. The previous lads were gobsmacked at the way lad three could make them righteous low sounds. “This will fill out awesomely!” exclaimed the lads. “We should bring these sounds to them folks out that a-way.” said one lad. “But how shall we conceal our secret identity?”
As soon as these words had left the lads lips, the Albatross, King of all birds, eclipsed the sun with his mighty wings and landed at their side. “Hey you lads!” uttered the bird king. “You will use my name, Timothy, for I have heard these sounds as I passed through the heavens, and wish it to be so.” This of course was a terrible name for such a gaggle of soundy lads. “How about Royal Albatross?” one lad politely suggested. “Shoot! That is better…” muttered the albatross. “…very well!”
And so it came to pass that them three lads were called Royal Albatross, for it was better than Timothy.

End of Part One